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I’m an enthusiastic content creator, with genuine interest of discovering worthy contents from all over the internet.

Being more specific, things that interests me most are – Football (both playing and watching), Taking photos, Travelling all around the country, Exploring designs, themes & technical side of blogging.

I write mostly about-

  • Sports, specially Football
  • Photography
  • Blogging Tips
  • & some random thoughts and ideas

If you’re interested in any of these, hop on!

My Latest Posts

Election Engineering in Bangladesh Football

Despite the huge popularity of Football in Bangladesh, there seem to be very little concerns amongst the youths about the Football of their own nation. This blame is shared more by the Bangladesh Football Federation than the fans themselves. This report will expose the corruptions and irregularities going on inside the Football Federation of Bangladesh.

Common Sense VS Covid-19

Surely the title is confusing. What “Common sense” could possibly have to do with Covid-19? And how can it be utilized against the pandemic? Today I am going to talk about it. And after reading this, you’ll realize that common sense is in fact the most needed weapon to fight this pandemic

A Message to All FC Barcelona Fans

So, the season ends. It was a season that every cule will want to erase from their memories. But the world won’t forget. Our rivals won’t let this go for many more years to come. This humiliation is ours, and we have to accept it. With the end of the season, it is safe to say that the golden days of Football Club Barcelona marks an end too

Life of An Asian Football Fan

Football is arguably the most popular sports in Asia. But it’s really hard to be a Football fan in Asia. So let’s talk about how it’s like to be a Football fan in Asia

Barcelona Slips on the Title Race: Thoughts

Real Madrid has secured their 34th La Liga title with a 2-1 win over Villarreal, Karim Benzema scoring both of the goals for RMA. On the other side of the country, Barcelona embraced another embarrassment, as Osasuna defeated us 2-1 at our own ground

Life in Bangladesh Amidst Corona Pandemic

Being a Bangladeshi, life has gifted me with some of the most bizarre experience one could ever live through. The Coronavirus lockdown is one of those unique situations. It has brought to light some incidents that will seem absurd in the eyes of people from developed countries.

Adobe Spark Post : A Must Have App for Every Blogger

Spark Post is a mobile app developed by the software giant Adobe which lets you create professional looking promotional banners, flyers, graphics for ads and campaigns, cover photos for social medias or featured photos for blog posts in the tap of a finger.

espanyol relegation 2020

Barcelona vs Espanyol – Post Match Talks

A derby is always a special occasion, be it ManU vs Man City or Barcelona vs Espanyol. Today’s derby was an important one for both the teams. Barcelona had no other option but to win for staying in the title race, while Espanyol had to win this to avoid relegation.

How Brutal Can Human Be?

I don’t know how to write this. The atrocity of an incident left me stunned. For the last two days I could not stop myself from thinking about it. Finally I thought that I need to write about it. So here is the thing- A stray dog used to wander around our house and somehow… Continue Reading →


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